RPM SEATTLE provides music copying / music preparation for the motion picture & television recording industry, musicals, jingles, live performance, symphonic composition, and publishing.

EXPERIENCE: As a team, our staff has thousands of combined hours of experience in the field of music preparation, from music copying for major motion pictures and television to music engraving for the largest publishers in the world. Our team has prepared score and parts for more than one hundred feature films, and dozens of major video game franchises including the popular Halo and Star Wars video games.

We've worked for a number of popular recording artists like Dave Matthews and Evanescence. Scores and parts prepared by RPM have appeared on the stages of the concert halls of the Seattle Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet and others. Our corporate clients include Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, Boeing and Intel.

ACCURACY: Whether we are using your House Style (publishers) or ours (commercial), you’ll find our work to be accurate and easy to read, with excellent page turns. Music notation is typeset in either Finale™ or Sibelius™, typically using US "concert" standard 9"x12" pages (commonly used for published sheet music) or letter. Publishers, we can also prepare music in any custom size. Every note and detail is carefully checked by a proofreader.

NO JOB TOO BIG, NO JOB TOO SMALL: We realize that every project is different, and every budget is different. Maybe you just need some lead sheets for a recording session, or a few pages of music transposed for a singer, or several musical graphic examples that will be inserted into a book. Let's talk about your project.

We provide the same commitment and level of quality to every project, whether you've hired one person or a large team to meet your deadline. Our quality and competitive rates for tight deadline projects have made us an obvious choice whether your project is in Seattle or overseas.

PRINT SERVICE: We can work as a print-and-deliver service for you, if you already have a long standing relationship with a music copyist, and would prefer not to have to carry music to Seattle with your luggage.

MUSIC LIBRARY: A professional orchestra librarian / copyist with a full rig is available to keep your printed music organized for the session and make any required edits throughout the course of your recording session. A score reader can also be provided, should you need someone with attention to detail keeping performance notes.

After a recording session, the music is sorted, boxed up and shipped back to the production company or composer, or recycled, depending on your directive and job requirement. We can also provide you with an archival of the parts and score files.

ARRANGING & OTHER SERVICES: Contact Robert Puff at 425.415.1500 for more information. How can my team and I be of service?

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